As the enclosed material readily indicates, Wortley Clutterbuck is a traditionalpoet, meaning he’s (considered) under-educated, unsophisticated and, almost certainly, one of those horrid reactionaries deplored so much of late. Botheration! How vulgar! Recent work rejected by Arc, Cordite, Granta, Poetry, VQR and other established organs of the aristocracy. Ever since free verse originated with Parisian fops in the Belle Époque, it’s been the hereditary voice of entitled erudition. “Rhyming poetry evinces such low breeding.” Following in the laudable footprints of his old drinking chums Alexander Pope and William Hogarth, Wortley Clutterbuck commences to document his deplorable life & times, the last Dead White Male standing. Bosh upon the snobs! Poets should have fun!